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Something that may strike fear to the heart of any homeowner is if he finds the possibility of a sizable system failure in the home. Maybe you have woken on a cold morning and knew that something was wrong together with your furnace? No matter if it is definitely an electric furnace or perhaps a gas furnace, an issue can fall anytime. One method to try to prevent issues from occurring in the center of a cold night is by using a routine inspection of your home heating systems.

Inspections are done in the late summer or fall whenever a problem could be discovered before there's an importance of the furnace to be on. An annual inspection of a furnace could fix an annoying water leakage that is promoting, or you may find a hose in your new central heating unit that should be replaced.

It’s likely that the problem causing the water leak is something only professional heating repair service technicians can handle, so your next step is to call us at (732) 501-3243 or schedule a service online.

Potential Reasons for Why Your Furnace is Leaking Water

If you’re noticing water around your furnace it is an alarming sign that it needs to be fixed sooner. Water accumulation is something always open to create many problems for homeowners such as mold and other water damage.

Condensation Leak: Furnaces work through heat exchange process that creates condensation. When your home heating systems Old Bridge are running above the normal AFUE ratings they create condensation. Due to a clogged condensate line or clogged drain, you may notice water puddle around the base of your unit.

Broken Condensate Pump: Condensate pumps are a crucial part of your furnace or boiler that works to carry away the condensate water through pipes. When it is malfunctioning or broken, it should be repaired, cleaned, or replaced immediately to prevent other problems.

Humidifier Leak: Furnace humidifiers come in different types and connected right to the water supplies. They are installed to moist dry air in the winters.  When the humidifier is set on a too high percentage, they cause condensation. If any type of humidifier breakage occurs, or they get clogged, water will start dripping around the furnace.

There can be different reasons for why you’re noticing water around your furnace. It may be due to dirty filters or can be associated with any other small component that only a technician can resolve. You can contact Air One Heating & Cooling Pros for a quick and affordable heating repair service Old Bridge.

What to Do When You See Furnace Leaking Water

The best way to handle furnace water leakage is to turn it off and call professionals. Until a professional arrives, you may clean off all the water. If you can’t find the switch to turn off your furnace, find electrical service panel and turn off the right breaker.

If your furnace filters are dirty and clogged, they need to be replaced. However, it is not easy to diagnose the exact cause of water near your furnace if you’re not a HAVC expert.

The best way to avoid potential issues in your new central heating unit is to keep it maintained and serviced. It helps in increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system and also improves energy-efficiency.

If your heating system is not heating your home optimally or you’re noticing something wrong with it, don’t hesitate to call Air One Pros.

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