By: matthenery | September 24, 2019

Your summer home needs to be winterized timely to keep it ready for cold weather. Before winter arrives, it’s better to improve insulation, undergo an energy audit, and making sure the heating system will work correctly. Besides installing storm doors and windows, there are more things to do with your HVAC unit to protect yourself from the frigid cold and save energy bills.


Most homeowners prefer hiring skilled HVAC contractors in Old Bridge and their staff that help to make their home energy efficient. They deal with thousands of furnace-related issues each year and considered the wise option for professional heating and cooling maintenance procedure. Meanwhile, there are a few homeowners who take the risk of the do-it-yourself approach.

Here is the comprehensive guide about how you can keep yourself warm during winter and save money on energy costs with necessary heating maintenance.

Set thermostat wisely

Not many households are aware of the right thermostat settings whether it’s for summer or winter. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering the same concern. Turning your thermostat between 62° F and 66° F can be ideal if you’re going out for work or vacation. During daytime 72° F can be a good number. There are many benefits of installing a programmable thermostat in your home. It allows you to schedule run times of your heating system Old Bridge and you can make an adjustment to your home temperature remotely as well.

Check thermostat's state

There are different types of electromechanical and digital thermostats available in the market. We usually don’t pay attention to them until they breakdown. There are certain signs appear when you require calibrating your thermostat for issues. Your room temperature may suddenly get dropped or high when your thermostat doesn’t work properly. So to prevent any costly heating repair service due to malfunctioning temperature-regulator, you check it inside for dirt. Do not place it where direct sunlight hits on it as that can also affect its efficiency.

Change furnace filters

It is estimated that heating and cooling appliances account for nearly half of the US total energy consumption. Thereby, many guidelines have been published by private HVAC contractors as well as the US Department of Energy regarding energy efficiency. Most of the experts recommend changing furnace filters every three months. Regardless of how often you should change filters, it’s better to see if the filters are visibly clean or dirty. If they are noticeably dirty, it’s advisable to replace them with a new one. Consequently, save yourself from potential heating repair service Old Bridge.

Check for carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, and flammable gas that can be dangerous if present in your home. Your fuel-burning furnace can easily become a hazardous component when it starts releasing CO in lower temperatures. Make sure you have installed a CO-detector device and be cautious to notice it regularly. If you notice that the CO levels have exceeded 35 PPM, you should immediately dial emergency numbers.

Hire professionals

There are many things to inspect in your heating system to ensure it’s working correctly and does not prone to a complete breakdown. HVAC contractors offer professional HVAC maintenance services at affordable prices.


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